What are closures?.

Work in progress

Javascript is weirdly awesome.Closures in javascript are one of those things that would make your brain swoon over its weirdness, over it's mild yet intriguing complexity. Closure is a way to remember function's variables even after that function has finished running.

Let's get into code

function greet(greeting) {

  function noun(name) {
    return greeting + "  " + name +"!";

  return noun;

Now the noun that's returned from greet is said to have closure over variable greeting. In simple terms it will remember whatever we pass as greeting to greet(greeting). Let's clarify that with an example.

the noun that's returned from greet remembers the greeting that we pass to greet. 
We are storing that noun inside different variables here.
var helloGreet = greet('hello');
var holaGreet = greet('hola');

Now helloGreet and holaGreet are kind of noun functions in disguise. 
So we can pass them their intended argument a.k.a the variable `name` to it.

helloGreet('inder'); // hello inder
holaGreet('gaurav'); // hola gaurav

A bit confusing isn't it?

It's supposed to be. Don't worry practice them a bit, and stay tuned for more explanation.